EQP-107 Diesel Flow Tester

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Safely diagnose Common Rail Injector faults including worn, blocked or inoperative injectors quickly and easily


A professional test kit that is used to monitor the Diesel fuel return comparison on a common rail diesel system between each individual injector, and monitoring up to 6 injector flows during each test sequence.

This simple test is to be carried out on the low-pressure fuel side only and tampering with the potentially hazardous, highly-pressurised fuel is not required or recommended.

This Industry standard test requires the removal of the return flow pipes only and fitting the specific test lines with adaptors to the injectors requiring testing. This can quickly determine if an injector is functioning correctly.

This kit is suitable for the following systems:  Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens/VDO.

All adaptors are individually located in a sturdy carry case which also includes fuel resistant easy to read calibration tubes / containers and flexible hoses.

  • Up to 6 cylinders measured simultaneously
  • Includes comprehensive quick connect fittings
  • Includes blank off tubes and pinch off pliers
  • Contains measurement tubes for short term test (crank only condition) and bottles for more accurate long term tests.
  • Includes adapters suitable for Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens/VDO systems

EQP-107 Common Rail Diesel Injector Return Flow Tester


Length: 450mm
Width: 320mm
Height: 60mm
Weight: 1.63kg

EQP-107 Common Rail Diesel Injector Return Flow Tester Box


Gaining access to the CDI injectors, identify the “flow return pipe” for each injector and remove them from the injectors. (DO NOT REMOVE THE HIGH PRESSURE PIPES). These rubber hoses can now be crimped to prevent any slight fuel spill.

Fit the suitable tubes to suit the injector brand fitted to the vehicle. e.g. Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens/VDO, as shown in the instruction manual supplied.

Hang test kit above the level of the injectors with tubes entering from below (Hang with hook supplied).

Visually inspect the fluid level comparison (volume) during a hot engine running period to diagnose the result. If volume differences are excessive between the injectors then further investigation is required to determine the cause. (usually there should not be more than 10% difference)

The injector that is delivering the most fuel is likely the faulty one.

Note- Please refer instruction manual for more specific procedures when carrying out this test on a vehicle.

If there is NO return fuel then possibly means incorrect connection or no fuel line pressure.

Great care must always be taken when handling diesel fuel.

EQP-107 Common Rail Diesel Injector Return Flow Tester Flow Test

EQP-107 Common Rail Diesel Injector Return Flow Tester Excess Volume

EQP-107 Common Rail Diesel Injector Return Flow Tester Insufficient Volume


Weight 1.63 kg
Dimensions 45 × 32 × 6 cm