EQP-061 Battery Replacement Reset Tool

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Modern battery management systems used in today’s vehicles require their systems to be reconfigured each time a battery is fitted, the PlusQuip EQP-061 tool allows you to reconfigure the stored battery data on these modern vehicles.

The EQP-061 tool allows you to enter the new battery information quickly and simply, it can also display the current battery’s details.

Several vehicle manufacturers have introduced Active Energy Management systems which monitor the state of health of the battery and require a replacement battery to be correctly configured to the vehicle after installation. The energy management system uses information from the battery to control the battery charging and customises the charging process to manage electrical loads.

The active energy management system may also need resetting when the battery is replaced.

Failure to configure the battery can cause:

  • Undercharging or overcharging of the battery
  • Damage to the vehicles electrical system
  • Loss of Stop Start system operation
  • Increased fuel consumption and emissions

In addition, the PlusQuip EQP-061 can be used to initiate a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration.

EQP-061 Battery Replacement Reset Tool

Features include:

  • Replacement of vehicle batteries and battery replacement validation
  • Display of battery condition
  • Display of battery replacement history
  • Regenerates Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Static Regeneration
  • Numerous Systems Covered
  • Supports Vehicles from year 2000 onward
  • Directly powered from vehicle, no batteries or need to recharge.
  • Easily updatable software, free for first 3 years.



EQP-061 Tool Getting Started Guide PDF
EPQ-061 Diagnostic Tool Application Suite Install Guide PDF

Before you can use the PlusQuip EQP-061 Battery Replacement Reset Tool the supporting software must be installed to your computer and the tool registered. To register you must first download the EQP-061 software application suite (Windows Only).


Download EQP-061 Suite Setup 1.095 EN-AU (Application)


Kit Includes:

PLUSQUIP EQP-061 Battery Replacement Reset Tool
USB cable
Carrying case

EQP-061 Battery Replacement Reset Tool

Weight 0.640 kg
Dimensions 20 × 26 × 5.5 cm