EQP-026 Terminal Cleaning Kit (3pcs)

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This 3 piece professional terminal cleaning kit may be used for small, medium and larger male and female electrical connector terminals to assist the technician in cleaning and eliminating the effects of poor terminal connections on the modern automotive vehicle, without the terminal removal from the connector.

Made from quality stainless steel and utilising an abrasive material to clean the corroded terminal surface, the EQP-026 is suitable for the following application examples:

  • Connector terminals on automotive control units and ignition components.
  • Wiring harness connector joints.
  • Engine management sensors and connectors.
  • Relay terminals and connectors.
  • Fuse sockets.
  • ABS sensors and control modules.
  • Other typical automotive terminals that are potentially exposed to all weather conditions.

EQP-026 terminal cleaning kit in use 1


Stainless steel material with abrasive coated terminal tip.
Diamond abrasive material on the tweezers for removing corrosion on any terminal type.

Length: 20 mm
Width: 135 mm
Height: 135 mm
Weight: 0.1kg


Operating instructions

For male terminals:
Select a suitably sized terminal cleaner as required.

Grip the terminal using the tweezer action and allow the abrasive material to remove any corrosion as the tool is pulled away from the terminal. Repeat as required.

For female terminals:
Select a suitably sized terminal cleaner as required.

Slide the abrasive tip of the tool into the terminal and remove it gently to prevent any terminal expansion.

Ensure all power supply is disconnected before any work is carried out on the circuit.

A suitable terminal cleaner may be used to flush any oil or corrosion residue from the connector and terminal assembly.

A suitable protective film may also be used to prevent further corrosion.

EQP-026 terminal cleaning kit in use 2

EQP-026 terminal cleaning kit in use 3

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 2 × 1.35 × 1.35 cm