EQP-017 Peak KV Quick Probe

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The fastest way to measure and compare peak kV, or verify the firing of the secondary ignition system.

Super bright LED strobe allows the technician to determine if the secondary ignition is firing consistently, intermittently misfiring or not firing at all.

  • Detect problems caused by faulty wires, plugs, cap, rotor coils, and more
  • Works on distributor and distributor-less (DIS) electronic systems.
  • Indicates spark polarity on distributor-less (DIS) electronic systems.


  • Quick Probe Main Unit
  • Signal receiver probe
  • User Guide
  • Battery

EQP-017 KV and ARC tester


Length: 220mm
Width: 70mm
Height: 50mm
Weight: 0.15kg


The Quick Probe kV / Arc tester is easy to use, simply place the probe over the ignition wire.

Each time the unit detects a spark firing it will flash the super bright LED strobe indicating a spark firing event with sufficient arc duration. Then press the button and the unit measures and displays peak kV on the LCD display.

EQP-017 Ignition Quick Probe – KV and ARC Tester

EQP-017 Ignition Quick Probe – KV and ARC Tester


Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 22 × 7 × 5 cm